Jesus Guillermo Rodriguez Bringas

Jesús Rodríguez, was born in Lima, Peru. Jesus lives in the USA since 1988. In 1992, Jesus was part of the Cross Country team in Cerritos College, California. Jesus has participated in about 310 race competitions and events in the USA and Mexico such as races from 5k distance to 100k distance running races; Spartan obstacle races of Sprint, Super, Beast and Ultra distances; Triathlon races of Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and 140.6 distance  and several cycling events.

Jesus qualified and participated in the «USA National Age Group Triathlon» in 2017 in Nebraska, USA.

During this time participating in his various competitions, Jesus has been able to establish friendships with athletes from Guinness World Record, World Qualifying Athletes, worldwide athletes in different sports disciplines.
Jesus is possibly the Peruvian or Latino athlete with more races or events of mixed races of running, triathlon, obstacles and cycling from Sprint to Ultra distance.

Jesus has participated as a «Pacer» in more than 50 marathon and half marathon races, motivating many participants to finish their races.

Jesus participate in races and events almost every Saturday and Sunday as a participant, volunteer or  «Pacer» helping many runners to achieve their race goals and new challenges. Currently Jesus participates in races with his 9-year-old son Deangelo who at his young age completed around 30 races of running, triathlon and Spartan obstacle race.

Jesus created «Quatro-Thlon Challenge Race Series» to offer standard distance races and new challenge races, encourage the community to be more active, provide the opportunity to participate in races, celebrate together our achievements, bring together the community of runners, triathletes, duathletes and obstacle races athletes. Jesus also is planning to bring world recognized athletes, provide the opportunity to potential participant who are not able to afford races to get credit for their race registration by referring participants to our races events and work together with non-profit organizations to create sports event in the community and help fundraising so these non-profit organizations may provide more services to our communities.


Ila Brandli
(250 Marathons in 250 Weeks)

Nadia Ruiz
(100 Marathons at younger age)

Raul Santana
(524 Marathons – 92 ultras (12 de 100 millas)

Blanca Ramirez
(Youngest Woman to complete 7 marathons in 7 continents twice)



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